Join or Die: Digital Advertising in the Age of Automation

Join or Die: Digital Advertising in the Age of automation is an intriguing book by Patrick Gilbert. It contains six chapters and six sections, each exploring a different facet of advertising. I enjoyed the book and think it might appeal to those interested in internet marketing as well as other forms of online marketing. The book also contains some case studies and practical exercises, providing excellent practice for anyone new to digital advertising.

Technology and automation are quickly disrupting virtually every Digital Advertising is certainly no exception. In this book, the author examines how advertising agencies have dealt with changes in technology and how digital media is evolving. The modern digital advertising landscape is already deeply dominated by the likes of Google and Facebook Ads, and even the traditional banner ad has been disrupted by online advertising platforms such as Google AdSense and Affiliate Markets.

Part two of the book covers the importance of media buying, particularly TV advertising. I agree with Patrick that TV advertising has become too expensive for many small businesses. He makes a good point about how TV stations must remain profitable in a down economy. But he also has a very relevant example of how the advertising industry can adapt to changing times. Cable companies have recently begun a campaign to air free public television channels.

The third chapter focuses on the changing face of content, especially video content. Video has become a very popular method of Digital Advertising, and its impact has not been ignored by marketers. I found myself watching more videos during my daily routine. Video content is also quickly becoming one of the most visited web pages on the internet. It is also a highly competitive market, so there are fewer companies left to outsource video production to. This makes video marketing an interesting subject in an eBook on the newest way to market online.

The final chapter looks at the role affiliates have to play in this new digital age. Pat starts off by explaining what an affiliate program is. He then goes into explaining how affiliates can sell other people’s products or services. He provides a number of examples of what he explains, and then concludes by providing a case study of his own online marketing business which he developed using the information he shared within the book.

This was a very intriguing take on Digital Advertising an online business. The main thing I thought from the start was that the book would pale in comparison to the follow-up books that are available from the same author. I have purchased several from him and they have all been very helpful to me as a beginning online marketer. Most of them teach a core set of methods that are essential to running an affiliate business, but the core ideas go way beyond those things. Pat’s material is more in depth and seems to have a bigger focus on helping internet marketers create a successful online business.

Overall, I enjoyed the book and found it to be very helpful. If you are new to internet marketing, I would highly recommend it. However, if you already know the basics, I do not think it would be too much of a help. However, if you know an affiliate marketing or digital media marketing program, I might give it a go. I would recommend it to someone who already knows some basic knowledge about internet marketing.

Join Or Die: Digital Advertising in the Age of the Internet is not a book for the complete novice to internet marketing, but it would be helpful to anyone with even a rudimentary understanding of online marketing. It does, however, provide a lot of very useful information for someone just getting started with their first digital advertising campaign. It has a very engaging format that makes it easy to read and provides lots of great information. For the intermediate to experienced marketer, this is a must read and can prove very useful.