I see a lot of landing pages that are only have a sign up/join form membership based sites behind a paywall like this who are approved for Google Adwords:



They don’t have any original content that is visible unless the visitor fills out their information and makes an account and/or subscribes.

Yet, when I use my landing page to my own fan page as https://imgur.com/a/YNFVJRi it gets denied.

I have also tried having at least 6 or 7 posts in public mode (viewable to everyone) with a pinned post clearly explaining what a subscriber would get access to (for example photos, videos etc), incorporating the same keywords I would be bidding for etc… and no matter if I have my page set on “followers” only or “public to everyone” it still gets rejected for insufficient content.

I don’t see the difference between my page and other paywalls such as the ones I listed above where a membership is required for full access. Can someone elaborate?

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