Curious if anyone else is seeing this in their Google Ad accounts. We’ve noticed phrase match keywords getting more and more broad (I know Google said we’d start seeing more matches after getting rid of modified broad) but as far as I’m seeing on Google’s info pages, phrase match still means that the whole keyword has to be present in the query. I’m now noticing exact match keywords are matching bunks searches that are “close variants” but shouldn’t even be matching the exact match keywords. Here’s a few examples:
Keyword: “divorce lawyer” Search term: John johnson attorney
Keyword: [trademark lawyer] Search Term: how to trademark brand name

Most of the accounts I’m looking in are getting AT LEAST 25% of the their search terms like this where they don’t match the keyword based on what the keyword rules are. We’re adding negative keywords in but I’m wondering if there’s anyone else seeing this or if there’s a way to stop matching Google’s “close variants”

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