Book Review - Logos by Global Brands

This is a brief Logos Design review. Global Brands is a publishing company that promotes and markets creative graphic designs by professional designers worldwide. The book itself is a treat for the eyes and a nice little compliment to the other products available from Global Brands. It is designed as a companion to their other products, namely the Book Review and the Book of Style.

This is a detailed Logo Design review. It is well organized with easy to read text. The book covers a variety of topics in an easy-to-understand manner. The authors cover the basic components of logo design, color schemes, text, font, clip art, and the background in the book. They also cover four specific areas that are the foundation of any good logo: the selection of colors, the selection of text, the background, and finally, the use of clip art.

The text is divided into chapters focusing on each of the four sections. After reading the introductory chapter, which explains the various aspects of designing logos, the next section looks at the various components. There are a total of nine chapters dealing primarily with different aspects. These include the selection of text, fonts, colors, logos, clip art, and backgrounds.

After reading the first few chapters, the text moves on to chapters dealing more specifically with color schemes. The book then explains color combinations using basic colors like red, orange, green, and blue. The book briefly discusses things like using multiple colors together, adding text, balancing out large blocks of color, and finally creating space within the logo. 

The four chapters that follow cover designing logos for corporations, interior design, greeting cards, and book covers. The book ends with an interesting methodology that helps one analyze their own company logo to find similar design methods that will be effective. The Logo Design Review concludes with several case studies showing the effectiveness of the book’s techniques.

Global Brands makes a compelling argument that companies can create an initial impression by using simple and clean designs. This impression is communicated through the text and images that are designed. Using the right type of font, the right color scheme, and balancing text and graphics, a company can communicate the intended message. The book also touches on what type of logo to use and why each company should have its own design. The book provides many recommended sites where companies can learn about the basics of design.

This is a solid book for those in the design industry that has already taken the steps towards creating an identity through a logo. For those companies that are designing a new logo, this book provides a step-by-step process that will help design a successful logo. The book also contains a good amount of information on how to use symbolism in a logo and lists of quotes that have been used as inspiration for logos. With such in-depth information, this book is a great reference to add to your design binder. The Logos by Global Brands is a comprehensive study on logo design and the concepts behind the design.

They argue that the current system is such that when a new customer sees a company’s logo, they see the logo and not the services or products. So they argue the following, “The logos do not communicate the essence of the services or products, (which we assume is the main objective) to the customer. Customers do not see the logos; they see only the graphic images. To communicate effectively, a logo needs to include some text along with the logo, and the text must match the logo, the color scheme, the background texture, and the shape of the logo.” These are all good points, and the book ends with a case study on Global Brands’ new Logo System.