Hey everyone, greetings from Uruguay 🇺🇾! A couple of friends and myself are working on our software engineering degree thesis, in which we’re helping a course-selling company organize and centralize their client communications, as they previously only worked B2B and now they started also doing B2C, which meant their customer base multiply by thousands and with that came problems to their current system.

We’re being asked to evaluate different CRMs and make a report with the thoroughly analyzed choice. Afterwards, we’ll integrate the chosen CRM with their current systems.

Our aim with this post is to get any insights/recommendations, as well as many opinions as possible.

Here are some specific requirements and priorities we’re working with: – Implementation language: Python or PHP – Licensing NOT per client or communications, just per admin user and time (monthly/yearly) – Emailing integrations via SMTP are mandatory, Whatsapp compatibility is a big plus – Customization of client properties (i.e adding domain specific fields) – Client segmentation – Ability to distinguish and support B2B and B2C clients. – Ability to have n-n relationships between the clients and some custom product (courses) – Possibility to import data from existing service via API or other way – Customizable UI, ticket support for users, developer documentation, maintenance support and existence of a mobile app are heavily valued but not mandatory.

Hope to read your thoughts soon! (Also, when you comment, please tell me if you got any problem with your comment possibly being part of our report as information gathering evidence)

Thank you very much for your help 🙂

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