Long story short, we’re in the Driver Training business. Everything is done in ungodly levels of repetition, partly due to governmental regulations, the rest due to bad management and outright refusal of modernization. Owner is a complete tightwad and will not spend any more than the bare minimum, and basic plan for HighLevel would even be a stretch for the $97 a month it costs. I’mma try anyways because this place is going down if we don’t modernize to make up for lack of staffing.

I’m not insanely familiar with CRM systems, and I’d like a reality check if I’m off base here.

We run off of Google Calendar for basically all of our scheduling and I doubt we will ever switch. It’s tied to our business email, but for the most part, it works quite well. I’ve heard that plenty of CRMs specialize in google calendar integration. That would be the main draw for us.

Here’s what I would like to accomplish:

  • Having basic customer profiles with name, phone number, appointment history that tells when it was put into the schedule, no-shows, balance, etc
  • Text reminders for class, such as changes in schedule, the day kids can get their permit, balance remaining, class start date, and scheduling orientation week before class.
  • Using customer profiles to autofill paperwork for testing (only what is allowed)
  • Website integration for class enrollment/availability

If anybody else has experience with CRM and Driver Training Schools, any input would be welcomed! Perhaps there is something I missed, or a better way to integrate automation. The basic idea would be seamless operation, simple to use since I’m the only one who isn’t old asf, and something that presents a strong selling point so I don’t have to twist anybody’s arm to see the benefits.

Thanks in advanced, based gods of r/CRM hopefully y’all understand the importance of modernization in small business

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