Ouff! Lots of chatter in different CRM communities about Active Campaign price increase. I guess people were not expecting it.

CRM & Marketing Automation starts at $93/mo. $386/mo if you have over 1K contacts…

Which honestly, is not too bad. But for small business, the jump from $93 to $386 is a bit too aggressive.

The competitors like Groundhogg and Keap are going to get some “switchers”. Folks looking to stay on a budget, especially in times of economic uncertainty are going to look for good alternatives.

I’ll copy and paste one of the posts in a competitor’s group:


Anybody else watching the Active Campaign drama go down today?

From what I’ve heard, they’ve separated out the sales automation and CRM from the marketing automation… so if you want to keep both you need to pay more.

I have a friend who just* moved there (from mailerlite, so already a big jump in cost) and has been paying $79/m…*

Her plan will go up to $185 unless she lets go of the sales/CRM part. Worst part, AC gave no notice, effective immediately. 📷

People are RAGING in the comment threads…

* So it’s a GREAT time to put out offers to migrate people OFF Active Campaign* 📷 📷

(if anyone knows more about it, I’m super curious…) “

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