Hi there, I have been running campaigns for our company for years, (not my main job).

In one of our campains we only have a very specific keyword, lets say: +red +car +hire

We only want clients that are looking for red cars to hire. Very simple. Not: green car hire, red bycicle hire or red car sale.

Clicks are quite expensive for the conversion rate in our industry so I try to clean (negative words) frequently looking at searched terms but I am really fed up.

I understand: red vehicle rental could do

but a lot of budget is spent in:

Red car (not hire, i really need this word in search to trigger)

Hertz (I understand you can hire red cars there, but i dont want my budget there I am adding competitors every week as negative keywords and the following week we will get some clicks with a new brand I didnt even know it existed)

How can I tell Google? If im sure I am getting rid of all those i can put up the PPC bid

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