Market Research for B2B Marketing: Why Is it Important?

Are you doing B2B marketing? Then, you need data. Here’s why market research is needed and how you can get started.

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Did you know that business-to-business transactions, or simply those that involve trading of products or services between companies, are the largest? Yes, they surpass business-to-consumer transactions by far. So, what does this imply? It shows the existence of a huge market opportunity that needs information to tap it fully.

Given that business-to-business transactions are different from those in the consumer market, there is a need to acquire clear information. The most effective way to get useful information for the B2B market is through market research. So, in this post, we explain why proper research is important for your company if you would like to deal in digital B2B businesses or transactions.

Importance of Market Research for B2B Companies 

B2B marketing research is useful to B2B companies in many ways. Primarily, it provides data and information for strategic analysis and decision making. With research or data-driven decisions, you reach your audience, build your brand and enjoy a competitive advantage. You, however, have to work with the right market research companies, so you enjoy such benefits.

Arguably, third-party research support firms provide practical applications useful in marketing research. With such tools and resources, you not only ease your research activities, but you also get objective points to support your work. With that said, here is the importance of marketing research for B2B companies:

1. Helps Define Market for Your Products or Services

As a B2B company, effective marketing starts with defining your target buyer or market. To do so, you need demographic as well as psychographic information. You can obtain such information through market research. Once you have it, you can go ahead to define your market by doing the following essential activities:

  • Identify market segments that are vital for your success
  • Figure out what you need for your products in the target market
  • Create a detailed persona of your target market
  • Analyze your current market and project your growth activities
  • Dig deeper into your audience or customers in your target market

Ideally, B2B opportunities are many, and you can not serve the entire space, especially if you are an entrant. You need to define your market to target it with your products and services. Avoid being too general or targeting anyone interested in doing business with you. You only need to deal with other entities that need your products or services and are ready to transact with you.

2. Assists You in Identifying New Opportunities in the B2B Space

The B2B space presents many opportunities. The trick to finding such B2B opportunities to serve customers and tap them is, using market research. You have to conduct surveys to uncover B2B markets that you can target. Without a solid research report, you are likely to rely on opinions that might not be reliable for your company or business.

Other companies are busy doing their jobs. It takes time and thorough research to identify problems and provide solutions by offering products and services to such companies. So, it makes sense to carry out research or check research already done to find new opportunities in the B2B space.

3. Useful in Making Better Business Decisions 

Marketing is not just an act of promoting your products or services to your target B2B companies. You have to make marketing decisions relating to your product, price, promotion, and place, among other aspects. To make informed business decisions on these various and very vital aspects, you need reliable information. Effective B2B marketing research helps in getting such information. With such information, you can make better decisions on the following:

  • How to manufacture products or services that other companies want
  • Building your brand, managing it, and keeping it in your areas
  • Methods for promoting your products and companies to consider
  • Decisions on how to sell and deliver your products or services
  • Decisions on how to price your products or services

Note that business decisions determine your productivity and whether or not your B2B marketing strategies will succeed. In most cases, problems often start with faults in decisions. So, you need to get reliable information and let your decisions have a basis on marketing research.

4. Helps You Measure Market Viability for Your Products or Services

You can get valuable information to use in measuring market viability with the help of the best market research companies. Arguably, market viability plays a very vital role in the success of your company. It determines how you engage and handle your B2B transactions with your target market.

Market viability refers to the business potential in a given market. It helps you determine whether your intention to start a business in any market is an idea that makes sense in financial terms. So, how do you assess market viability? You have to ask yourself a few questions about that specific market. These are:

  • Potential buyers: do they have the ability to afford your products or services?
  • Market size: is it large enough to allow you in and help you grow over time?
  • Players: which companies are key actors in the market, and can you work or compete with them?

You can only get answers to these vital questions through B2B marketing research that targets the specific markets you are willing to try. If you work with the right B2B market research companies, getting information to assist you in determining market viability will be easy.

5. Useful in Discovering New Requirements and Market Trends 

Markets change, and you can only learn about any new requirements and market trends through research. If you do not keep up with such trends, you risk losing your share of your competitors. You might also not be able to discover what others are doing to keep up with new demands from your partners or target buyers of your products or services.

Market trends can quickly alter how your company operates. To keep your organization or company ahead of the competition, you need to do regular market trend analysis. You need to know how market growth occurs, how popularity changes, and how other companies expect things to change. Bottom line? You can only get information about all these through market research.


Marketing research is an undoubtedly powerful tool though many businesses or companies underutilize it. Indeed, conducting market research helps you gain valuable information on the goings-on in the marketplace. You also get answers on how to gain and keep your competitive edge. In other instances, you can leverage market research to identify threats and deal with them in advance.

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