Market Smart: How to Gain Customers and Increase Profits with B2B Marketing

Market Smart: How to Gain Customers and Increase Profits with B2B Marketing, written by Lisa Shepherd, is an ideal gift book for marketing. It is beneficial to those in a sales-oriented profession or to those who work in customer service. There are so many topics addressed in this practical text. I especially like how Shepherd breaks down each topic into smaller parts and explains how to apply the concepts to different situations.

For example, she covers marketing strategies for start-up businesses. The authors explain why it’s important to approach new businesses in an energetic, creative, but still professional manner. She also covers areas that need further exploration and how to apply these Market Smart strategies across different industries. I particularly liked the chapters on creative branding, identifying your unique selling proposition, Market Smart segmentation and identifying target consumers.

In summary, this is a book on Market Smart that provides useful insights into areas you can use today and helps you develop your talents as a business person and marketer. The Market Smartbook has excellent graphics and photographs depicting all the topics and makes it easy to read on laptops or tablets. The book’s main focus is on developing skills and creating a business plan to grow your business. If you are currently a business owner or are considering starting one, this Market Smartbook will provide you with many ideas for succeeding in your new venture.

Shepherd starts with an introduction to marketing and emphasizes the importance of knowing the audience. The case studies explore various audiences and situations. At the end of each chapter, she provides some recommendations for further reading and possible future study. The book is organized into chapters that focus on key chapters such as Importance of Audience Research, Audience Definition and Qualities, Achieving Peak Performance, and Building a Marketing Plan. The case studies illustrate how using a specific marketing technique can significantly impact overall sales and profit margins.

I enjoyed the case studies in this book, especially the one on Sales Training. This case study examines the importance of a sales team made up of knowledgeable and capable leaders rather than inexperienced and unskilled newcomers. The author shows how sales training can be used to ensure this occurs, providing necessary skills in developing a good team. I also really liked how she applied her case study techniques and strategies throughout the chapters.

Market Smart focuses on five main categories of marketing strategies. Each of these strategies has a unique way of providing a service or promoting a product to potential customers. Shepherd examines how each category affects the overall marketing mix for an organization. Also, she applies her own strategy-based assessment process, looking at current and future opportunities, competitors, and market conditions. Ultimately, Shepherd presents and discusses eleven case studies of companies based on marketing their product in twelve different categories.

As a marketing consultant, I agreed that the book had some useful information regarding developing a marketing plan and its relationship with the sales organization. However, I felt that some of the case studies discussed in more detail were not directly relevant to what a business needs to do to gain customers and market success. Additionally, I think better organizing of the chapters would have been beneficial to the reader.

Overall, this is a good book about marketing a product through a business website. It is designed to be user-friendly and is easy to read. The information is presented in a very short and concise manner that provides plenty of detail without overwhelming the reader. The main focus of the book is on developing a marketing plan and developing effective sales skills. The final chapter focuses on using customer service skills to keep customers coming back to buy your product.