Marketing 4.0: Moving From Traditional to Digital

In Marketing 4.0: Moving from Traditional to Digital, the authors take a fresh look at Marketing 4.0 Research as it applies to the 21st century. There is much talk these days about the importance of Social Media or SME’s in Marketing. Many digital agencies have launched programs based on this notion. Kartajaya and Setiawan review the state of digital marketing and suggest three important principles that all Marketers should consider.

Philip Kotler and Iwan Setiawan both make excellent points about the value of traditional marketing. “For many Marketers, traditional marketing is no longer sufficient or effective – for businesses large and small,” they write. Part of the problem with traditional marketing focuses on ‘buying’ customers rather than on sellers.

In Marketing 4.0: Moving from traditional to digital, the book offers the following key concepts. The first is to ‘think customer,’ which they define as: “A buyer is always right unless you are serving some selfish purpose, such as self-aggrandizement.” They also discuss how to build a brand, both online and offline, with a focused mindset. Setiawan and Kotler believe that you must be working on your customer’s needs and wants to attract prospects. This is a broad and interesting discussion that I would recommend to anyone interested in learning more about Marketing 4.0. Marketing is an ever-changing beast, but if you approach marketing with the right mindset, you will find a lot of success.

The book defines marketing 4.0 as the new digital environment in which the client interacts with and drives the organization. This includes using digital technology to create and deliver a product or service in a completely new way to meet the consumer’s needs. Marketing professionals are encouraged to think in terms of the customer in the digital world. The marketing practitioners are then presented with four core challenges:

Marketing 4.0 will benefit from having a reference guide in its toolbox to navigate the new digital landscape effectively. Marketing for an evolving marketplace requires new skills and novel approaches to optimizing campaigns based on what customers need and want. Marketing 4.0: Moving From Traditional to Digital provides the tools for effectively doing that.

Traditional Marketing In the traditional marketing context, a marketer has a few objectives that guide her/him. These objectives help shape a target and a strategy for reaching that target. However, in today’s digital environment, a marketer must consider multiple objectives for a single project. Having an accurate idea of the target audience and relevant industry data becomes essential. Simultaneously, technology renders traditional marketing methods obsolete because of their ability to reach a significantly larger audience and provide more relevant and compelling content.

Focus on the New Audience Technology has rendered many traditional marketing strategies obsolete because it has created new audiences for products and services. Social media, video marketing, and online communities have created massive audiences that will significantly expand the target market. Digital Marketing In today’s digital world, there are more ways to reach more people than ever. Many companies have transitioned from paper marketing to digital advertising to maximize revenue and cut costs. Also, digital media offers more options for advertisers and marketers than ever before. The book has a strong focus on four topics that need urgent attention: customer-centric design, social media, analytics, and presence. These topics are designed to support today’s marketing initiatives by helping the reader to definew technologies’ toolsactice. They also provide resources and links to related content.

Marketing 4.0 requires digital marketing professionals to think in terms of the digital world and the traditional marketing framework. The old rules don’t apply anymore. However, digital marketing professionals must leverage the tools provided by the new technologies and remain flexible and progressive in their marketing approach. If you want to build a successful online presence, you should definitely hire an SEO company with digital marketing experience.