Marketing Automation: Practical Steps to More Effective Direct Marketing

Marketing Automation: Practical Steps to More Effective Direct Marketing has been written by Jeff Lesueur, who has been a successful Internet marketer for over 10+ years. In today’s marketplace, it takes more than great products and services alone to be successful. Successful marketing takes much more sophisticated communications and more precise segmentation than ever before, which are becoming much more accessible to the average person. Jeff Lesueur’s Marketing Automation is aimed at putting these practices into practice in your online marketing campaigns. His book is not so much a marketing guide as it is a “how-to” manual for making e-marketing much more effective for both the consumer and the advertiser.

Marketing Automation: Practical Steps to More Effective Direct Marketing is an excellent manual for those new to marketing or those who have tried but failed at it. The steps that these manual takes are specifically geared towards allowing you to do away with a lot of the “dead ends” that have frustrated and outright stopped many marketing efforts before. You will learn how to automate a whole host of different aspects of your advertising and marketing activities. You will learn them quickly and effectively and without having to spend a huge amount of time.

The many topics addressed throughout the pages of Marketing Automation: Practical Steps to More Effective Direct Marketing are all researched, thoughtfully written, and presented with outstanding clarity and efficacy. When it comes to marketing automation, this is a book that is highly recommended. The authors’ combined expertise and experience have allowed them to provide this beneficial “how-to” manual at an extremely affordable price. It does not take a genius to understand what this book is all about or why it is useful and important. 

Marketing Automation: Practical Steps to More Effective Direct Marketing Jeff Lesueur is a leading consultant and product developer who bring a unique combination of marketing knowledge, creative genius, and marketing automation skills to the table. It no longer takes more than great products and excellent services to be successful in today’s marketplace. Successful marketing now requires more sophisticated communications with clients and more precise segmentation than ever before-the essence of every company’s existence to thrive. Jeff Lesueur, author of Marketing Automation: The Lifeline for Any Business, offers step-by-step guidelines for automating the marketing processes that have been the hallmarks of many successful companies-and the backbone of failed businesses now as well.

Along with an abundance of case studies and detailed information about how automation can streamline your marketing processes, the key takeaways from this text include the ability to automate nearly all aspects of direct marketing, cut costs, and increase profitability. For example, you can automate the direct mail pieces you use, which will help you save money on postage costs and increase the number of leads you have. You can also automate the various online marketing functions that are part of your website, such as tracking demographics and providing a blog. And by breaking down each function individually, you can further reduce costs and increase your campaign’s profitability.

Marketing automation isn’t just for large businesses with multiple outlets. Even a small online business or blog can benefit from some form of automation, even if you don’t believe it at first. Reading this book will make you aware of some of the things you can do, such as automating search engine submissions, building in-house databases for sales data, managing customer interactions, and analyzing and tracking your results. The book is also packed full of practical steps to get started, and it includes case studies that allow you to see what types of businesses have done well-using automation in similar situations.