Marketing Automation Unleashed

Marketing Automation Unleashed: The Strategic Path for B2B Growth by Casey Cheshire discusses the five primary areas in which marketers must now be successful. Specifically, the book talks about creating an automation plan, choosing the right channels, and how to optimize your digital media for long term growth.

¬†However, I really like how Casey Cheshire talks about this in the beginning of the book as well as at the end. In this review, I’ll provide some thoughts on why Marketing Automation Unleashed: The Strategic Path for B2B Growth makes so much sense and why it is relevant today.

Marketing Automation Unleashed: The Strategic Path for B2B Growth focuses on creating an automation system to promote your business. By automating the processes involved in running your business, you are able to focus on driving more sales and building more relationships. What many marketers have failed to recognize is that customers are now spending more time looking for businesses online and via social media than ever before. If you want to take advantage of these new trends to grow your business, you need to create an automated channel network that targets your key influencers. Marketing Automation Unleashed: The Strategic Path for B2B Growth actually does this through four channels – Google+, Facebook+++, Twitter+++, and LinkedIn+++.

Marketing Automation Unleashed: The Strategic Path for B2B Growth goes into great detail about how each channel can be leveraged to help your business grow. It also goes into great detail about how these automation systems can be tested and deployed across your entire organization using the Marketing Automation Suite. You might think that marketing automation suites don’t work, but I’ve found that they do. You can easily test out and deploy channels in your business, and I’ve found that they do far more than create a “butler” for your marketing that checks out incoming emails and replies to customer inquiries.

Sales and marketing automation are closely connected because both are designed to increase productivity and profitability. Automated processes provide an environment in which salespeople can become more productive, allowing them to generate more revenue. More revenue means more profit, which means more money in your pocket. Marketing automation enables marketers to quickly and easily evaluate different marketing strategies and campaigns. It also allows them to effectively manage offline marketing efforts, thereby improving the quality of those efforts.

The book explains that marketing is about getting the word out about a product or service before it is even available. By automating the marketing process, you can set up a feedback system to measure different marketing campaigns’ effectiveness. Through the data collected, you can see which strategies are more successful and make appropriate adjustments to your marketing plans.


Marketing automation has the potential to save businesses thousands of dollars every year. Also, salespeople can expect to enjoy significant compensation increases. The key is to ensure that these systems are implemented in a manner that works best for you and your business. Many companies offer consultations where an experienced consultant will sit with you and discuss your goals and objectives. With this information in hand, he or she will determine which automated processes are most suitable for your business and your needs.

Marketing Automation Unleashed: The strategic path for business growth simplifies the process of advertising and promoting products online. Ad campaigns can be more effective if they are well-tailored and managed by an automated system. This ensures that advertisements reach their target audience. Moreover, sales representatives can be more productive because they no longer have to search for potential customers physically. Salespeople can instead concentrate on closing deals and generating new leads.