Hey guys! I am studying marketing and currently super stuck on couple of questions, is there anyone who could help me out? I am lost

Challenge 1:

Data analysis


Alongside Paid Social, A Media Company has also run a Paid Search campaign where they have experimented with selling branded merchandise. The campaign had the following performance: ● CPC: 2.25

● Conversion rate: 3%

They have a Cost of Sales (COS) target of 30%. At what level does the Average Order Value (AOV) need to be in order for the client to be on target?

Data analysis


A Media Company is running a new Paid Search campaign that has generated 10 000 clicks for a total cost of £25 000. Furthermore, the campaign has generated the following performance: ● Conversion rate: 2.5%

● Average order value (AOV): £200

Their optimisation target is to reach a Cost of Sales (COS) of 40%. What should the advertiser do to reach this target?

Please explain how and what to calculate this <3

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