Marketing Research: A Comprehensive Guide

Marketing Research: A Global Outlook by V. Kumar, Ph.D. is a textbook on marketing methods that explores current marketing practices in-depth and provides practical guidance for those involved in the field. This detailed, practical, and the academically sound book will guide students, marketers, and academia through all stages of conducting and creating marketing at both local and international levels. As the world’s consumers become educated about how they consume and interact with products and services, research is becoming increasingly important to business owners and marketers. However, V. Kumar’s textbook provides an up-to-date, comprehensive guide to marketing methods, along with examples from many different industries.

This book covers the basic methods used in marketing research and introduces readers to current marketing trends. This book provides marketing research graduates with the tools, methods, and formulas necessary to create marketing campaigns that effectively target customers and generate sales. The book also discusses numerous topics such as brand image development, image building strategies, target marketing, brand positioning, customer attraction, brand loyalty, creative branding, and social media strategies. All of these subjects are covered and discussed in an easy-to-understand manner.

This book’s contents are designed to serve as an expert guide for anyone seeking to conduct or sponsor a marketing research study. With the use of case studies and interactive exercises, this textbook provides a unique perspective into the world of marketing research. The case studies and exercises presented in the book are meant to provide an effective method for applying proven methods in marketing research. The case studies presented to illustrate various aspects of actual marketing research, including how brands can be created and marketed, creating an effective branding strategy, analyzing consumer responses to marketing research, evaluating marketing campaigns, identifying the key components of successful marketing campaigns, identifying the components of ineffective marketing campaigns, and much more. Further, this textbook provides an extensive list of resources and links for further reading and studying.

One other helpful text in this collection is “Digital Marketing Research: A Global Outlook.” In this book, the authors critically examine current practices related to marketing research in the context of an evolving digital marketplace. Digital technologies are becoming an integral part of our everyday lives, and marketers are increasingly using these tools to communicate with their customers. This book provides a critical review of current marketing research practices and recommends measures for marketers to consider in light of the changing environment.

Marketing Research: A Global Outlook offers marketers some practical suggestions for managing research and development budgets. Marketing research is no longer limited to a small number of agencies and organizations. Marketers now have access to diverse sources, including social media, consumer surveys, and public data. Consequently, marketers are faced with the challenge of developing effective approaches to explore new marketing opportunities and trends. The book reviews several popular approaches to marketing and development, emphasizing SME (small and medium enterprise) strategies.

Finally, it is important to note that reviewers do not necessarily endorse all of the perspectives presented in this book. Instead, the book serves as a useful guide to those with interest in exploring new research approaches. It provides a summary of key points related to the field and offers a few recommendations. It would be helpful to review the book with an eye toward how other marketers might view the current state of research.

 The authors rightly point out that the first ten to fifteen years may not be the best times for any business in marketing research due to the prevailing influences. However, in the following five to ten years, the market will likely be more challenging.