I am new to Marketo, and I guess this has been an issue for years, so I wanted to get some insight.

Some background, we create the program, then the email, using a client number token within the body. Then, under the same program, we load in the list with the corresponding client number, mapped to the correct token, which will pre-fill in the email. When we send out the smart campaign, everything is correct, correct list, correct client number, corresponding to correct email.

The problem is, when we send out the email, marketo is not just pre-filling that 1 client-id corresponding to the list that was loaded under that program, it is actually pulling in a bunch of old client numbers, that may have corresponded to that contact in the past. Is there any way to stop this? Some of our client base are CPAs that could have many different client numbers associated with them as the contact, so it is important for only the correct client number to load into that specific email, as they are operational, need to know communications. Any suggestions?

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