The news cycle is faster than it’s ever been – 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The immediate (and sometimes chaotic) nature of news through digital and social media has forever changed how news reaches the masses. PR teams now have more options than just media outlets to share news. That said, securing earned media is still the key to building and maintaining client visibility and credibility. But between the breakneck news-cycle pace and smaller reporting teams in newsrooms worldwide, securing and maximizing earned media is challenging.

Summarized below are three ideas to place and maximize earned media placements.

Use Data to Tell Your Story

Another Communiqué PR blog post stated that “the most important currency in today’s world is data.” As PR professionals, securing compelling and unique data from a client can feel like winning the lottery. If a company can offer unique data, it is well-positioned to tell a story that will educate others and be of particular interest to the media. Data can define truths and shed light on topics that can help demonstrate thought leadership and build credibility. Data is typically straightforward for reporters to cover and for readers to consume, and it can be used again and again by reporters over time. For example, if a company conducts a study in 2022 and shares the results with reporters, those reporters might include the data in a comparative report two years later. Data has a great shelf life that can maximize earned media placements for clients.

Repurpose Earned Media Coverage

Similarly, a best practice is to further extend the shelf life of a placement by repurposing it. PR pros can repurpose media placements into various valuable content forms – from blog posts and infographics, to whitepapers, videos, newsletters, social media content and case studies. In addition to maximizing placements over an extended period, this approach also provides a brand with a consistent stream of new content. Creating a regular stream of content in different forms helps amplify an organization’s message and can help attract media interest over time.

Prioritize Publications Without Paywalls

Most people have experienced clicking a link to an article online and being stopped by a paywall. Paywalls pose unique challenges for earned media. It can be difficult to share the content with a client or on social media with individuals who aren’t paying users. And it doesn’t help with search engine optimization. There is certainly value in content published behind a paywall – after all, people pay to view it. But the reach of the content can be seriously restricted. A best practice is to, when possible, prioritize outlets that do not have paywalls.

Securing and maximizing earned media coverage in today’s 24-hour news cycle is challenging. PR pros can consider these three tips to ensure clients stay visible and get a return on their PR investments, even in today’s always-moving news cycle.

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