Mobile Marketing for Your Local Business

In “Mobile Marketing for Your Local Business: Key Strategies to Attracting More Customers,” Mario Brown and Brian Anderson provide proven strategies that can make a positive impact on your bottom line. The book contains many case studies from companies throughout the country, along with specific examples of campaigns that have been successful in their local markets. The authors examine why some marketing efforts are more successful than others and provide examples of what they did to maximize customer outreach and turn sales into profits. The book also contains numerous charts and graphs of key metrics to track your campaign’s success, as well as company profiles and testimonials from customers.

In terms of the actual content of the book, the authors cover everything from keyword research and optimization, through mobile optimization and advertising, to marketing plans and follow-up initiatives. The authors begin by discussing the basics of mobile marketing, and the benefits to companies of embracing this new marketing approach. Next they discuss the importance of using local businesses for the campaign, and how it is important to target the consumers who are most likely to become future customers. They then go through each of these topics in detail, providing plenty of examples, tips, and information regarding each topic to ensure you understand everything about mobile marketing. There are even several case studies and links provided to related sites throughout the text, which makes it easy to dig in and get the most out of this book.

In conclusion, “Mobile Marketing for Your Local Business” provides a great deal of information for those in a local business with an internet presence. The book’s purpose is simple, to provide a guide with the fundamentals of mobile marketing. However, the book has so much useful information, and tips, and details that you may not even realize that you have learned everything you could possibly learn about marketing in this way. It is a must have for anyone interested in online marketing, regardless of the industry.