Mobile Marketing

Do you know the importance of a mobile site for e-commerce? Do you understand what 97 percent of your visitors in 2017 are using their Mobile Phones to go to sites to buy? If you don’t, it’s either because you haven’t started marketing on the mobile platform or unsure how to go about it. 

If you don’t want to end up like those other marketers that didn’t get it, here is my Mobile Marketing Insider Book Review to tell you why mobile web marketing is so important for your business today.

When it comes to engaging visitors, mobile web marketing rules them all. Not only do visitors engage with mobile phones, but they also do it at the speed of light when they have an app for it. So, you can be playing baseball in the outfield, and your visitor still has time to read your press releases on a whim. 

I call mobile marketing at its best, and there is no substitute for it when you are trying to sell products or services.

Many marketing tactics can be used to engage a visitor with your mobile site. But the truth is, mobile marketing is where it’s at these days. I don’t care if your website is optimized for desktop; the chances of getting traffic that converts into sales are going to be slimmer. So, if you want to engage your customers with mobile advertising, make sure that you invest in mobile websites and mobile apps as soon as you can. With the right mobile web marketing strategy, you can get in the top five rankings on Google within a month, and the traffic will come flooding in.

As you may be aware, Google has made changes to its algorithms to better provide users with search results that are more relevant and tailored to their needs. To comply with these new rules, Mobile Marketing firms need to use Mobile Marketing to target their audience. The goal is to get their audience “where they are” – on the go. A user often searches for a product or service on the Internet and ends up on a company’s or individual’s website. Once there, the user might be more likely to purchase the product or service if they could touch or feel it themselves.

A Mobile Marketing Firm needs to utilize Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to help drive consumers to their websites. Search Engine Optimization, or SEM, improves the ranking and visibility of websites by improving the quality and relevance of the site’s content, its design, and how it is presented to search engines. In short, SEM makes the site user-friendly so that people can easily find what they are searching for. Because mobile devices are becoming such a large percentage of the population, a Mobile Marketing Firm needs to understand the importance of having a site optimized for mobile devices.

A Mobile Marketing Firm can help with Search Engine Optimization and build a custom campaign specifically tailored to their clients’ needs. A Mobile Marketing Firm can also help their clients achieve their marketing goals through other online advertising strategies like Pay Per Click (PPC), which helps a company attract new customers. If a company needs a viral marketing strategy to get the word out about their products and services, then Mobile Marketing could be exactly what they need. Remember, if you don’t have the right tools to market your business online, you won’t stand a chance against your competition!  To do this, you need to have a mobile version that looks and feels professional… and of course, it should support the latest technologies. There is no comparison to an SEO specialist when it comes to Mobile Marketing.