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Today, I’d like to share a very powerful marketing strategy with you, which few, if any, of your competitors are aware of.

As you know, every business provides a product or a service. And that product or service solves a problem for the customer. In order to solve their problem, it needs to create a change. To move them from (something) to (something).

For example.

  • From broke to wealthy.
  • From discomfort to comfort.
  • From board to entertained.
  • From confused to clear.
  • From worried to confident.
  • From struggling to succeeding.
  • From vulnerable to safe.
  • From lonely to connected.
  • From loss to gain.
  • From ignorant to informed.
  • From stressed to relaxed.
  • From lost to guided.

Here’s the part very, very few business owners get right.

You need to figure out the change your prospective customers are looking for. Their ‘from what’ and their ‘to what’.

Warning: The biggest danger here is believing the answer is obvious.

It almost never is


For instance, NO successful coffee shop focuses on changing you from thirsty to quenched. None of them.

They change you by creating an attractive atmosphere. An atmosphere, where you can go from stressed to relaxed, or from tired to restored, or from lonely to connected, from stuck to creative or from bored to entertained.

The world’s top coffee shops know this. It’s what their marketing focuses on. It’s why we see very little emphasis placed on the coffee beans used, yet huge emphasis placed on the welcoming, positive atmosphere.

The improvement this shift in your focus will make is almost impossible to overstate.

Here’s another example.

The world’s most expensive restaurants don’t focus on taking you from hungry to full. You can go down the street and get the same number of calories from a burger joint for pennies. Instead, these restaurants focus on their exclusivity. They take you (and your guest) from feeling normal to feeling like a star.

How this relates to your product or service

Determine what change or changes your prospective customer is truly looking for.

Focus on the ‘from what’ part. Your marketing message needs to meet them right there. It needs to talk to their current situation. It needs to address the discomfort they’re feeling. This means your message will be on the very same wavelength that they’re on. This dramatically and profoundly increases the sales impact of your marketing

Then focus on the ‘to what’ part. Your marketing needs to illustrate how your product or service transitions them to their end point. To the very thing they desire.

This marketing strategy is designed to directly address the wants (or needs) of your prospects and position your products or services as the answer. Almost no small business does this and amazingly few medium-sized businesses.

I strongly recommend you consider adding this strategy to your 2023 marketing plans.

Move your customers from something, to something was written by Jim Connolly and originally published on Jim’s Marketing Blog