Hi folks! I’m in the middle of a naming strategy for a client and i’m baffled here.

Found 15 relevant names only to find some brands from all over the world seem to exist in different or similar categories but at some country elsewhere. I would like some clarification / what to know on the process of registering brand names in a region / state, country-wide, internationally on the legal side as i’m lost here. I’ve worked with many clients with generic names that never mentionned being in trouble for copyright or whatsoever. Ever.

Many brands in my local state brand registrar have very similar names in very similar categories as well, and even more so when compared internationally where inevitably many words / combinations have already been used over and over again in many countries.

How can all of these brands continue to operate without being sued and to what extent do they have to have unique names and/or live with the constraints of expanding into larger markets without stepping on other competitors? Where’S the line? Cause i know i’ll come up with imaginary words of any combination of letters and there’s probably at least 1K other brands, with maybe 30 that will comeup in my client’s category. How do you deal with that? I’m not gonna propose «ejfkwejffjk» to my client as a unique name lol.


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