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Marketing Podcast with John Jantsch

john-jantschIn this episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast, I’m doing part three of a three-part series talking about my new book launching Sept. 21, 2021 — The Ultimate Marketing Engine: Five Steps to Ridiculously Consistent Growth. I’m diving into step three – narrowing your focus and identifying your ideal customer.

Key Takeaway:

There are plenty of customers to go around. Just remember that you don’t need them all and maybe more important you don’t want them all. Not all customers are ideal – but saying no is maybe one of the scariest things there is for a business owner.

In this step, we’ll work on understanding who and what makes a perfect customer for your business. Then we’ll go to work on helping more of them understand why your business is the only logical solution for them to consider.

Topics I cover:

  • [1:14] Where to listen to step one – mapping out where your best customers want to go and step two – finding the real problem your business solves
  • [1:56] Why focus on the top 20% of your customers
  • [6:57] Ranking your customers by profitability not solely revenue
  • [8:14] Focusing on your best customers who are not only profitable but who also refer your business
  • [9:00] Crafting a message that tells the world this is who we serve
  • [9:41] If you’re trying to appeal to everyone, you turn yourself into a commodity
  • [11:26] Why you need to hone in on who you can deliver the most value to

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