Parag Agrawal, the new CEO of Twitter, announced Friday that a restructuring plan will be in place for the company. Two top executives are expected to leave within a week.

Agrawal has shifted the company’s hierachy around three people: Kayvon Beykpour, Bruce Falck and Nick Caldwell, according to a new SEC filing. Beykpour is responsible for the construction of consumer-facing products, and Caldwell and Falck respectively oversee the engineering and sales teams.

The exits: Chief Design Officer Dantley Davis and Michael Montano, Twitter’s engineering lead, who will remain as an advisor through March. Davis arrived at Twitter in 2019 amid a shift led by then CEO Jack Dorsey to spark greater—and faster—innovation at the company. Davis’ brusque style though was reportedly at odds with the existing company culture, one that has appeared kinder and gentler than Twitter’s Big Tech peers.

Agrawal assumes the chief executive role from Dorsey, who returned to the company in 2015, ran it while also serving as Square CEO and then contended with an activist investor’s campaign to oust him from Twitter. Dorsey set ambitious goals earlier in the year to stop that investor from taking over and calm concerns about his divided attention.

Hitting those milestones now fall to Agrawal, and he also inherits Dorsey’s vision for an increasingly decentralized model for social networks, where users have greater voice and control over the platforms.

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