No One Dies from Divorce: How to Survive and Thrive When Your Marriage Ends by Jill L. Coil - book promotion companies

It may not kill you, but in the thick of it, divorce can certainly test your will to live. Divorce is the death of a marriage, and as with any death, you’ll need the time, space, and proper tools to grieve it, get through it, and move on.
Jill Coil, esq., has spent the last thirteen years guiding families through the process of divorce as a family law attorney. She knows the toll it can take, but she also recognizes the growth and positivity that divorce can stimulate when it’s time for two people to part ways. In this book, Jill condenses her years of experience to help readers learn:
        – When a marriage can be saved, and when it can’t
        – When and how to hire an attorney
        – How to navigate the process with your family
        – How to reclaim your self-worth outside of marriage
        – How to forge a beautiful, better path after divorce
This practical yet deeply personal handbook will change your outlook on one of life’s biggest obstacles and give you the advice and strategies you need to grow from the experience and flourish in your new future.