So my understanding of conversion tracking for form submissions is this:

  1. You have a global code that is placed on every page, and that’s what allows Google to figure out what visitor from where visited what pages in what order. And more, obviously, but the point is that it tracks the visitor.

  2. You have a ‘conversion action’ code that fires whenever a user hits a specific page that cannot be reached any other way, in this case some kind of ‘thank you for signing up’ page.

My question is this: If I were to set up a conversion action for a form submission, is that then a ‘set it and forget it’ resource that, once made, can be just reused until I no longer need it? Or is the action unique to each Ad Group?

I feel like it would be reusable, but it’s surprisingly difficult to find a concrete answer to that question in Google.

Also if my understanding is wrong, please correct me. Trying to teach myself Ads, and this is the last part I’m unsure about.

Thanks a lot.

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