People traditionally judged a book by its cover!

Now they judge a company by its website and experience

It is vital to have a smooth, appealing website and an experience for the user and your ideal customer.

Not all websites require a similar approach, and for an E-commerce site, the website is just everything, an amicable one boosts sales

✔️ The collection page should include
➡ Name of product
➡ Price
➡ Review
➡ Provide quick-view of the product

✔️ Your collection pages must provide filters such as filtering by high to low, low to high. Below each product mention the price, name of the product, and customer review

✔️ Keep all your actions button to the right
All your action buttons such as “Shop Now”, “Contact Now”, “add to cart” must be to the right.

They are the actions audience must take to move ahead and make a sale

✔️ Include trust symbols
The major objection when browsing your website is to establish instant trust with your customers.

Include logos of all payment methods, address and contact details of the business operations, clear privacy policy, and return policy.

Each website is the cover of the product before they land on your product page, you must pass their TRUST test, the likelihood of passing the TRUST test results in more sales.

In the God We Trust, In your Website We Trust

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