Hi everyone, I thought you might be able to share some insight on this. I pay my bills by freelancing as a content editor and copywriter. I also recently decided it’s time to slowly branch out and start publishing articles and essays under my own byline.

The other thing is that I also write poetry and would like to market my work to more readers. The dream, of course, is to someday be able to monetize these artistic pursuits and have them become an additional income stream.

Right now, I’m keeping the two “personas” separate, largely because I don’t know if or how they can be merged to create one cohesive personal brand.

For example, if you think about it in terms of websites: it would be great to have my own personal website with my name on it, but how can I put both my commercial and literary work in there and still have it make sense? Should I just maintain two separate websites for the two? What do you think can be done here?

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