PR For Poets: A Guidebook To Publicity And Marketing

In PR For Poets: A Guidebook To Marketing And Publicity, Jeannine Hall Gailey, a poet, teacher, and author, offers her readers the insight needed to get their book in front of the right audience and into their hands. She provides information on how to market and publicize a book through various channels. 

There is a preface by Gailey that provides helpful information on topics such as writing a book, how to prepare for an interview, and how to write winningly. Then there is a list of poems that provide insight on what types of poems are popular for each age group.

After the introduction, there are a series of eleven verses covering subjects such as the rules for publishing a poetry book, what one should write about in a book, and what an author should avoid. Then there is a short poem that relates to poetry and the different types of poems.

¬†Then there is a foreword that talks about the importance of PR for poets. Finally, a short piece talks about Gailey’s new book PR For Poets: A Guidebook To Publicity And Marketing.

This is a beneficial little book because of the many different ways one can market a poetry book. It also helps to have some strategies for the best possible publicity and develop a marketing plan for one’s poetry collection. I recommend this book highly to anyone who wants to publish a poetry book or even has a poetry collection. It is informative and fun to read. If you are a poet and like to write, this book will be invaluable to you. If not, then at least you’ll understand why you should!

PR For Poets: A Guidebook To Marketing And Book Marketing is a powerful, thorough guidebook on creating publicity for your writing! Author Jeannine Hall Gailey takes you to step by step through creating publicity for your writing career and offers solutions to marketing your work. She shows you how to write compelling ads and how to market those ads effectively. What’s great about this book is that it is chock full of practical, actionable tips, suggestions, ideas, and techniques for using publicity to attract readers and librarians, to name just a few. PR For Poets: A Guidebook To Publicity And Marketing is perfect for anyone looking to promote their poetry, short story, novel, or other creative writing.

PR For Poets: A Guidebook To Publicity And Marketing is chock full of useful information for authors, literary agents, publishers, and librarians. It is jam-packed with poems that will appeal to both literary snobs and the general public. The book is organized into five parts, each dealing with a different audience. In the first part, you will learn what is required to write successful poetry. Specific guidelines are provided to help you achieve success, including research and writing style.

This product has been highly reviewed by customers, who love that it is so comprehensive! Many authors do not think about everything they need to think about when selling their poetry to the public. Poetry book covers are one of the most important factors for selling a poetry book because they can help potential customers understand what is included within the cover. A quality cover will help to draw readers into your poetry book.

Purchasing poetry books is difficult, but not if you have the assistance of a professional poet. Poets can write poems on many subjects, including creative writing, poetry, essays, short stories, song lyrics, and more! Poets can do all this while maintaining a comfortable living. That’s why we strongly recommend this product to authors and poets everywhere. As Poet Author Mary Philips says, “I cannot recommend PR for poets like myself more.”