It’s hard enough to guide a company through a period of heavy inflation or during a recession. But it becomes much more difficult when they’re occurring at the same time.

This is stagflation — and economists are predicting a period of stagflation to last into 2024.

You may already be thinking about ways to reduce your expenses and shift your overall growth strategy.

But what about pricing?

When FastSpring’s Chief Product Officer Kurt Smith worked with growth-stage to Fortune 100 companies at Accel-KKR, he consistently saw pricing as one of the most essential growth levers they employed to meet their next revenue goal.

And Kurt believes that iterative pricing can be a highly effective strategy during volatile markets.

In two one-hour interviews, FastSpring sales leaders Todd Stellfox and Tony Markov each interviewed Kurt about pricing strategies that work in volatile markets and beyond. Stream both interviews below and see highlights from each.

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Why You Shouldn’t Trust How Your Competitor’s Price

What your competitors might get wrong about their products’ value (2 minutes):

Strategic Pricing for Inflation and Foreign Exchange

Pricing positioning based on regional purchasing power (2 minutes):

Note: Check out our Recession-Proof Pricing Report for a collection of data from the 2009 recession and the global inflation surge in 2021 to look for trends. This includes internal data we pulled from 271 global SaaS and software sellers using FastSpring to process transactions last year. 

How to Price a New Product

How to write a formula for business value when launching a new product (4 minutes):

How the US and Europe Think About Pricing Differently

Historically, early-stage US-based companies cared more about capturing market share, and European companies felt cross-border pain points more acutely — but things are changing (2.5 minutes):

Pricing Strategies to Break Into New Markets

Strategies for horizontal vs. vertical expansion models (18 minutes):

Iterative Pricing With FastSpring

How FastSpring’s platform allows companies to test their pricing (2 minutes):

Full Videos

Stream the full interview between Tony and Kurt for more on global pricing strategies:

Stream the full interview between Todd and Kurt for more on finding the right value metric and more revenue opportunities in different markets :

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About Our Presenters

Kurt Smith, Chief Product Officer at FastSpring

Kurt is the head of product, payments, strategy, and corporate development at FastSpring, as well as the General Manager of Interactive Quotes (IQ). Prior to joining FastSpring, Kurt spent over a decade advising and investing in growth stage software companies around the world. Throughout Kurt’s career, he has demonstrated a passion for helping people and companies identify and scale their unique capabilities to reach their fullest potential. He’s worked with some of the fastest growing software companies in the world as an Operating Principal at Accel-KKR, and he’s worked with Fortune 100 companies while an Engagement Manager at McKinsey. Kurt started his career in FinTech as a PM at Envestnet (NYSE: ENV) while the company scaled through an IPO.

Todd Stellfox, Sales Manager at FastSpring

Todd serves as the Sales Manager for North America at FastSpring where he leads a team of Account Executives that sell FastSpring’s solution globally. He has over 12 years of industry and product experience in the payments and SaaS industry, and he enjoys sharing his knowledge with others and helping customers and colleagues succeed. Todd currently lives in Charlotte, VT with his family.

Tony Markov headshot

Tony Markov, Sales Team Lead at FastSpring

Tony is the founding member of FastSpring’s EMEA operations, and currently serves as a Key Account Executive and a Sales Team Lead in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. With over eight years of experience in SaaS, the large majority of which are within SaaS payments and billing, Tony is constantly immersed in growth driven projects and dialogues with SMB and Enterprise SaaS companies looking to scale.

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