Reasons to Invest in SEO in 2023

Are you looking to invest more in SEO in 2023 but still daubting? Check out the top reasons why you should create more content and rank better in SERP.

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Whether your focus is primarily on local SEO, for example, SEO services for roofers or service providers, or you’re focusing on audiences around the country or the world, 2023 is an important year for investments in your organic rankings. 

Even though the economy feels a bit shaky, it’s actually one of the best times to invest in SEO for so many reasons. 

The following are some of the reasons to make sure you’re allocating a significant chunk of your marketing budget to your organic traffic and rankings this year. 

SEO Isn’t Affected by Market Conditions

One reason that you should think about putting money into your SEO efforts is that it’s a long game.

SEO, as far as your traffic is concerned, isn’t affected by the conditions of the larger market. Even if your conversions are impacted, you can still drive traffic to your site with organic marketing. 

That is going to help you build relationships with customers, even if their spending habits are shifting. Those long-term relationships are what will bring you value regardless of what’s going on in the broader economy. 

When you invest in SEO, you are getting quality traffic to your site, meaning you are directly reaching your targeted audience. 

SEO Helps You Build Long-Term Success

SEO Helps You Build Long-Term Success

As mentioned, SEO is about the long-haul. 

Unlike paid ads, which are a one-and-done return on your investment that stops giving you results as soon as you stop paying, search engine optimization is something that you see results from for years after you invest. 

What you’re doing now in terms of your organic rankings and content creation are going to be things that you continue to reap the benefits of well into the future, and you have to remember that the economy will be on the upswing again eventually so what you’re doing presently is helping you build a foundation for that time. 

If you create a great piece of evergreen content and post it, it’s never going to go away. You can make small tweaks over time, and people will continue to come to your site for it. That’ll just keep growing if other sites are linking back to it and increasing the authority. You’re getting more and more visibility over time. 

It’s Relatively Low-Cost

Even if you want to generally lower your marketing and advertising budget, SEO tends to be fairly low-cost, especially if you’re doing some of your content creation in-house. You get a significant return on your investment. 

The traffic you’re getting through organic search tends to be high quality too. 

Consumers Want to Be Able to Trust Brands

Consumers Want to Be Able to Trust Brands

When you invest in SEO, you’re actually investing in problem-solving for your targeted audience. Your content is driven toward answering the questions and solving the problems that people have. They’re coming to you because they want valuable information that’s going to make their lives better and fill a need. 

When you do that with your content then, you’re creating a sense of trust and authority between your business and your audience. When consumers are feeling edgy, that trust they feel can go a long way. 

If you haven’t heard of it, there’s something that’s important for SEO currently, which is EAT. EAT stands for Expert, Authority, and Trustworthy. These are three features that Google has indicated it prioritizes in ranking sites and content. 

When you create content with expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness in mind, Google will reward you through your rankings and visibility, and that’s building your brand too. 

For Google to rank your site and content well, you also have to deliver a great customer experience, and if you’re keeping that at the forefront of everything you’re doing, it’s going to have benefits for your business in a broad sense. 

Stay Competitive

If the economy isn’t great, the first thing too many businesses do is start making drastic cuts, especially to marketing and advertising budgets, and that can include their spending on SEO and content creation. 

You can be unique and stand out from your competition during this time by investing in SEO when others aren’t. 

You can continue to create great content and fill in the gaps that your competitors are leaving behind. Provide the resources and information that people are searching for. 

Regardless of what 2023 brings for businesses, it’s an excellent time to invest in SEO in order to create a valuable brand over the long term and to continue to see the results for years to come. 

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