So the company has come out with a product that doesn’t follow the company mission…and somehow I have to explain it to the market.
It’s not a bad product, don’t get me wrong, but it just looks out of place with the other products. It’s like if Southwest Airlines began offering Premium Southwest. Sure, you could do that, but people buy Southwest because they’re low cost, why offer something else just because you can?

It’s also not the best, the first, etc. at anything it does.

So…baffling management decisions aside, does anyone have any good resources (books, articles, whatever), that touch on this kind of problem? How to explain why we’re pushing a product that seems to be completely the opposite of what we’re known for?

I’m really struggling to figure out who this is for, since our customer base don’t need this product, and we’ve not made a name for ourselves, or built a loyal customer base, selling this type of product.

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