Effective with the Google Ads API v9, we’re significantly reducing the Required Minimum Functionality (RMF) to use the Google Ads API. This is to help accelerate your migration to the new API prior to the sunset of the AdWords API on April 27, 2022 while decreasing the burden on your engineering team. Requirements for the AdWords API remain unchanged.

This will affect the following tools:

  • Full-service
  • Shopping-only, Smart Shopping-only, Hotel-only and App Promotion-only API tools
  • Special purpose tools that offer campaign creation or management functionality
  • Reporting-only tools

This will not affect Internal-only tools because they are not subject to RMF.

For precise details, see the updated Google Ads API Required Minimum Functionality.

The following features are not changing and are still required:

Item Number Functionality
C.10 Create campaign
C.96 Set bidding option: Target CPA (Portfolio and Standard)
C.97 Set bidding option: Target ROAS (Portfolio and Standard)
C.98 Set bidding option: Maximize Conversions (Standard)
C.120 Set budget
C.260 Add keyword
C.300 Set keyword match type
M.96 Edit bidding option: Target CPA (Portfolio and Standard)
M.97 Edit bidding option: Target ROAS (Portfolio and Standard)
M.98 Edit bidding option: Maximize Conversions (Standard)
M.110 Pause / enable / remove campaign
M.130 Pause / enable / remove ad
M.140 Pause / enable / remove keyword
R.40 Ad Group Ad
R.50 Keyword View
R.70 Search Term View
R.130 Bidding Strategy

The following features are still required but simplified or reduced in scope:

Item Number Functionality Change
C.20 Enable geo targeting Required. Optional to expose to the user if only one country is relevant for the user base.
C.30 Enable language targeting Required. Optional to expose to the user if only one language is relevant for the user base.
C.65 Create website / call conversion and generate code snippet Requires at least one type of conversion tracking.
C.75 Callout extensions Required account level only.
C.80 Callout extensions Required account level only.
C.190 Create ad group Optional: ability to create multiple ad groups.
C.270 Add ad group negative keywords Change from Ad Group level to Campaign level.
M.10 Edit campaign settings Only settings required at creation time would be required at change time (e.g. NetworkSettings would not be required to edit, since C.50 is no longer a requirement).
R.10 Customer Optional if only implementing one campaign.
R.20 Campaign Remove requirements for segments.ad_network_type and segments.device.
R.100 Dynamic Search Ads Search Term View Required only if implementing Dynamic Search Ads.

The following features are no longer required. Developers may continue to use these features (unless already sunset), but they are no longer required in order to maintain compliance with the Terms & Conditions of using the Google Ads API. All these features, unless already sunset, are considered optional.

Shopping-only features (indicated by *) are still required for shopping-only tools, but are no longer required for Full-service tools.

Item Number Functionality
C.14 Set mobile platform bid adjustment
C.15 Set tablet and desktop platform bid adjustments
C.21 Enable distance targeting
C.25 Set geo bid adjustment
C.41 Set Expanded Dynamic Search Ads
C.42 Set campaign DSA settings
C.50 Opt in/out of networks
C.70 Location extensions
C.72 App extensions
C.90 Set bidding option: Manual CPC
C.95 Set bidding option: Enhanced CPC
C.101 Set bidding option: Maximize clicks (Portfolio)
C.140 Set delivery method
C.191 Set ad group max CPC bid
C.192 Set ad group max CPA
C.193 Set ad group target ROAS
C.200 Add expanded text ad
C.290 Set keyword max CPC
C.311 Set keyword final URL
C.320 Account-level tracking template
C.321 Campaign-level tracking template
C.325 Campaign-level custom parameters
C.326 Ad group-level custom parameters
C.328 Account-level final URL suffix
C.329 Campaign-level final URL suffix
C.500 Create shopping campaign*
C.505 Set merchant identifier*
C.506 Set sales country*
C.510 Set inventory filter*
C.520 Create product ad*
C.525 Add first (root) product partition*
C.530 Local inventory ads*
C.610 Call ads
C.700 Create ad group/campaign criterion that targets/excludes user list
C.710 Set userlist targeting bid adjustment for search network campaigns and ad groups
M.15 Edit mobile, tablet, and desktop platform bid adjustments
M.20 Edit ad group settings (all ad group-related required settings in Creation Functionality)
M.25 Edit geo bid adjustment
M.35 Enable ad rotation
M.40 Edit keyword max CPC
M.100 Edit expanded text ad
M.101 Edit bidding option: Maximize clicks (Standard)
M.120 Pause / enable / remove ad group
M.150 Edit inventory filter*
M.160 Subdivide (add product partition)*
M.170 Remove product partition*
M.180 Edit product partition max CPC*
M.190 Exclude product partition (delegate)*
M.320 Manage all tracking templates in creation functionality
M.325 Manage all custom parameters in creation functionality
M.328 Manage all final URL suffixes in creation functionality
M.700 Edit ad group/campaign criterion that targets/excludes user list
M.710 Edit userlist targeting bid adjustment for search network campaigns and ad groups
R.30 Ad Group
R.80 Geographic View
R.110 Shopping Performance View*
R.120 Product Group View*
R.150 Campaign Audience View
Ad Group Audience View

* These features are not required for Full-service tools. Shopping-only RMF tools still need to implement these features.

If you have questions specific to RMF, please contact the Google Ads API.
If you have any questions or need additional help about the API, contact us via the forum.