1. Small Shop Social now has an APP for members only! Available on Android and Apple.
  2. Instagram testing another new display option
  3. Digital marketing trends infographic
  4. How to connect with customers on social media
  5. How to collaborate with other stores
  6. Deep dive on livestream selling



  1. Spotlight on Klaviyo’s success
  2. Inspiration on creating a fashion community around your store
  3. Your Brick and Mortar starter guide
  4. These apps could mess with your sleep 
  5. Edited body image photos could require warning logo
  6. Companies that are succeeding on TikTok
  7. TikTok report on capacity to drive offline sales
  8. Staying ahead of retail competitors



  1. 5 social media trends
  2. Twitter published a major events calendar
  3. How to create engaging window displays
  4. TikTok data on collaborating with creators
  5. Cheat sheet for social media image sizes
  6. How to collect ratings and reviews after holiday
  7. How brands are utilizing text and email
  8. Examples of great customer service

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