Over the years since we started the Communiqué PR blog, the readership has steadily grown. Our team writes PR-focused posts that provide thought leadership on trends, summarize client results, and offer guidance with tips and tricks relevant to marketing executives, PR practitioners and business leaders.

It is revealing to look back at what posts were most popular with our readers 10 years ago compared with those of the past year. The blog posts that secured the most unique visitors in 2021 focused on social media, storytelling, and effective messaging.

In 2011, the most popular posts were more varied – ranging from mastering the nine-second sound bite and tips for April Fools’ Day announcements to tactical guidance on choosing hashtags.

The style of our blog has evolved while still publishing posts that offer guidance and counsel but tying recommendations to current events or prominent figures. You can find the links to the top posts for 2021 and 2011 below.

We look forward to providing ongoing PR expertise, perspective and critique in the coming year.

Below is the list of the most popular blog posts published in 2021 based on the number of unique visits during the year.  

  1. Storytelling Lessons Writers Can Learn from Taylor Swift
  2. How to Disconnect from Social Media but Stay Connected to the World
  3. 5 TikTok Tips Every Content Creator Should Follow in 2021
  4. Tips on Protecting Your Brand from Social Media Impersonators
  5. ‘The Hill We Climb:’ Using Poetry and Art in Effective Messaging and Communications


According to our post “A Look Back at 2011,” the most popular Communiqué PR blog posts ten years ago included:

  1. How to Choose the Best Twitter Hashtag
  2. The Importance of Body Language
  3. Mastering the Nine Second Sound Bite
  4. Public Relations, April Fools’ Day, and Fake News
  5. Motivation for Higher Performance: The Purpose Motive v. the Profit Motive

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