Caravan accessories are made in many different styles but the market leader is Caravan Privacy Screen 5.2M Grey. The name speaks for itself, as this unit is the ultimate in its field and can be used on most paintball fields, especially when you want to keep the elements out. Many of the other screens on the market fail on this basis, Caravan being the exception due to its great build quality and lasting feature. This product has been on the market for quite some time now and is extremely popular amongst paintballers.

These screen units are great for both long and short trips and it does make a difference when you are out playing. It is very easy to use and provides you with the best protection from damage due to different elements that can be found in the fields. For example, there are shrapnel and explosive soaked materials that are commonly used by other players. These can easily eat through any normal product and if you are playing in the UK or USA, then your protection would be minimal. However, if you were playing in another country, say in Canada or Australia, then you really do need to protect yourself against this.


If you are looking for a top quality product that can also look good next to your Caravan then you definitely need to check out Caravan Privacy Screen. Grey has always kept up with their range of products and this one is no exception. These screens are made from the highest quality materials and come in a number of different colours to suit your personal preference. So, whether you are out playing or out on your next trip, make sure you check out this great product and protect yourself!