The Camping Hammock-Cream of today is a far cry from the first rope hammock that was created over 100 years ago. Back then, the hammock was a bit more fancy and its primary use was for camping, as well as for making bird cages and other such items. Now, the hammock has become quite an icon of the outdoor recreational world. It no longer just refers to camping but is used in a variety of other situations. In fact, one of the reasons that I started writing articles about outdoor recreation, was because so many people asked me to tell them about other types of outdoor recreational equipment, that they had found out about through my articles.

The Camping Hammock-Cream of today has been completely redesigned from the ground up. No longer does it serve as a simple camping hammock, it is now a fully-upholstered, comfortable and fully functioning sleeping apparatus. It comes with a great selection of hammocks, from classic to modern designs and colors. The fact that it is fully-upholstered is a great selling point, as it allows you to leave your quilted hammock off, without having to buy and stow an additional quilt.

Instead, the cover fits over the entire hammock, protecting the quilt from the elements and turning it into a comfortable sleeping unit. It also includes a pocket where you can stow your hiking or fishing gear, keeping them protected and comfortable.

In my personal experience with this product, I have to say that it is definitely a class above the rest, in both quality and comfort. In fact, the moment that I unpacked my new Camping Hammock-Cream, I knew that it was going to be a big player in my outdoor play. If you are looking for an easy, comfortable and fully functional outdoor sleeping apparatus, then I highly recommend the Camping Hammock-Cream.