The Swag-Dome tent is a Double Camping fixture with a dark blue dome that you can use for camping. This makes it very easy to locate because the tent is so camouflaged. 

The product has been created by RV manufacturers and is meant to be a small apartment while at the same time allowing for the utmost in storage space inside of it. The product preview allows you to see what all of the amazing features are that come with this unique camping fixture.

You will love the fact that the Swag-Dome tent can be used as a small home-like apartment when you are on an RV trip. Many people feel like this is a perfect tent to take along with you when camping as this can be kept out of the way most of the time. If you are just going to be spending a couple of nights in the Swag Dome, you can then put it in storage when you are done. If you want to bring it out on a camping trip, simply roll it up and bring it along with you.


There are many things to like about the Swag-Dome tent, from how small it is to how much storage space it offers. You will love the fact that you can easily store all of your camping gear in it and still have room left over to carry your bag along with you for some hiking trips. As you can see, the possibilities are endless with this product and you can really make the most of it for your next camping trip.