Review of Internet Marketing Masters: An Interview With Neil Stafford

Internet Marketing Masters: An Interview With Neil Stafford is the second book of his successful Internet Marketing Masterclass series. Neil Stafford is described as one of the UK’s leading online and information marketers in many areas, including Marketing, Business, Training, Consultancy, E-Commerce, and so much more. In this book, he shares his proven methods for building a thriving Internet business from home, over the internet.¬†

Internet Marketing Masters is filled with practical advice and step-by-step guides to help even the most inexperienced internet marketers create a successful Internet business. The twelve sections of this comprehensive eBook include: Setting up an Internet Business, Choosing a Niche, Choosing your Niche, Developing a Marketing Strategy, Controlling your Internet Marketing, Building an email list, Email marketing, and much more.

Many readers may be skeptical about Internet Marketing Masters: An Interview With Neil Stafford and the contents. It’s not that the book is full of fluff or hype. Internet Marketing Masters is a truly comprehensive guide covering everything that someone needs to know about starting an internet business and growing an internet business.

 Neil Stafford really does put together all the relevant internet tools into one easy-to-read book that can be used by anyone new to internet marketing to become a successful entrepreneur.

Internet Marketing Masters also provides a lot of practical strategies for making money on the internet. There are many different ways to make money online, ranging from pay-per-click advertising on search engines, through paid-to-click advertising on websites, affiliate marketing that pays commissions directly from retailers when they do a specific action like filling out a survey, reviews, and more. This book even includes a “how-to” manual for building your own website, blog, and newsletter. Other helpful hints and advice are provided in the forms of free reports and ebooks. These practical strategies can be used right away to begin profiting from the internet. So, whether you are an internet marketing beginner or have been around for a while and just need a refresher, there is nothing better to read than Internet Marketing Masters.

Internet Marketing Masters: An Interview with Neil Stafford gives you an in-depth look at what internet marketing really means and how you can make money online through your own internet marketing business. One of the main reasons this book is so popular is the candid interview throughout the book. Mike Miller provides inside information on how to succeed in internet marketing. He shares with you his background and the strategies he has used to achieve success. Aside from the practical tips and techniques, Neil goes into detail in the interview and explains why certain strategies may work for certain individuals but not for others.

Also, Internet Marketing Masters: An Interview with Neil Stafford also touches on some interesting issues such as social media. Through the interview, we learn that social media marketing is very successful for internet marketing. The book also discusses the differences between social media and email marketing. It also discusses the importance of content when it comes to internet marketing. Lastly, Neil discusses building a successful email list.

I liked the way this book was presented. I felt that it was organized into chapters, with each chapter discussing one aspect of internet marketing. It would have been better if there were more pages because I could have gone into more depth regarding certain topics. However, I think overall Internet Marketing Masters: An Interview With Neil Stafford does a good job presenting the basics of internet marketing. It is definitely a good intro to the world of internet marketing for beginners.