This is a pretty good product, my first impression was that it lacked suction but I have since found out that was the case with my own machine. Now I’m a bit disappointed that it doesn’t do as good of a job as the other models I’ve looked at but I’m content with the way it works so far. The only bad thing I can say about this product is the fact that it doesn’t fit into the freezer like my other ones do. It took a few times before it was able to be squeezed between the sides of the freezer but after that it worked just as well as my other portable ice makers.

It’s pretty easy to clean, all you need is some warm water and soap. It’s a little bit of a chore to clean out the machine especially if you have a lot of drinks and food to clean up but I can understand how someone might not want to do it that often. It’s also a good size for small parties, I can see how it would be great for outdoor events. It is quite heavy duty as I mentioned above, I wouldn’t worry too much about breaking it.

DEVANTI 3.2L Portable Ice Cube Maker-Black is made from high quality materials and has been designed specifically for the job at hand. In conclusion, this is definitely a step up from the other portable ice cube makers on the market. It’s easy to use, lightweight, and convenient. There are a lot of good things about the DEVANTI 3.2L Portable Ice Cube Maker-Black and I would recommend it to anyone looking for an ice maker that is easy and reliable to use. If you are in the market for an ice maker, this may be a good choice. I wish I had bought it years ago.