Salesflare: CRM For Small Sales Teams Selling B2B

If you’ve spoken to any sales leader, implementation of a customer relationship management (CRM) platform is a must… and typically also a headache. The benefits of a CRM far outweigh the investment and challenges, though, when the product is easy to use (or customized to your process) and your sales team sees the value and adopts and leverages the technology.

As with most sales tools, there’s a huge difference in the features needed for a small, agile business than an international enterprise company. If you’re a small business serving the B2B market, Salesflare has some very unique features that make adoption and use very simple… and enable your sales team to see the benefits and appreciate the platform.

Salesflare: An Easy-To-Use CRM

Salesflare is the smarter, modern-day CRM for small business. If you’re tired of manually entering customer data and spending time navigating a complex system, Salesflare might be right for you. Salesflare neatly integrates with your work accounts, synchronizing emails, meetings, email signatures, email tracking and more.

Salesflare Features

Organize your sales efforts with the following features:

  • Everything in one place – address book, communication timeline, tasks, files, pipelines and more.
  • Visual pipeline – a clear, customizable view of your sales funnel.
  • Tasks & task suggestions – never drop the ball on a lead again.
  • Team sharing – collaborate with your team flawlessly.
  • Custom fields – keep track of all of the customer data you can imagine.
  • Search – find everything you need instantly.
  • Live notifications – get up-to-date notifications whenever, wherever, on any device.
  • Insights dashboard – master the numbers.

Automate your sales process to gain maximum efficiency:

  • Automated address book – fully automate your contact and company info – stop manual entry of contact and company data.
  • Automated timelines – your timelines are synced with your email, calendar meetings and phone call history.
  • Automated file repository – keep handy document folders for your customers effortlessly.
  • Timeline with Twitter updates – always have the latest news on your customers handy through their social profiles.
  • Send automated emails based on triggers – automate your email follow-up based on triggers that you can directly set up in the CRM.

Improve your communications and drive more sales while reducing sales cycles:

  • Email and web tracking – get the full picture of how leads and customers are interacting with your company.
  • Relationships – easily see who your colleagues already know – and who they know best.
  • Lead scoring/hotness alerts – identify and prioritize your leads with hotness alerts.
  • Bulk emails – send personalized follow-up emails at scale.

Integrate the CRM to to your other platforms:

  • Email sidebars for Gmail & Outlook – use Salesflare without leaving your email inbox.
  • Mobile app for iPhone & Android – finally, a CRM app that offers full functionality from your phone.
  • REST API – it’s simple: Salesflare’s API can be connected to any other app.
  • 1000+ integrations – Salesflare offers native integrations and access to 1,000+ app integrations through Zapier as well as natively.

Salesflare Mobile CRM App for iPhone or Android

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Disclosure: I am an affiliate for Salesflare.

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