Samsung Ads announces its new Total Media Solution, a full-service advertising solution that provides buyers with cross-platform management and measurement of campaigns.

What it is. “Bring-your-own-media” (BYOM) capabilities enable advertisers to manage ads on streaming inventory that was originally negotiated directly with TV networks, helping brands and agencies to take a holistic approach to measuring across fragmented digital channels.

The Total Media Solution simplifies cross-platform reporting by way of a single data source, residing in the Samsung DSP.

Advertisers can also engage in incremental media buys and discover unexposed audiences  through CTV inventory access across the Samsung Ads ecosystem.

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Why we care. Samsung Ads rolled out its Onboarding Partner Program at the end of last year, with plans to continue to build out integrations into its DSP through the first half of 2022.

For marketers at agencies and brands, a one-stop shop like the Total Media Solution for cross-platform campaigns, within the Samsung Ads DSP, means a more efficient workflow overall. DSP partners like Adobe, Experian, Merkle and others also give access to curated audiences in a simplified privacy-safe way.

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