Hi, guys.

I’m starting a curated vintage/second-hand store and we’ll also do UPCYCLING (redesign the pieces according to our proposal) and I’m not sure which name to choose.

I would like your help about these options, which ones you like the most and if there is any negative meaning or bad connotation attached to the word.

I want a word that is relatively neutral (it doesn’t have to be a second-hand store word), that doesn’t get dated and that doesn’t just look like a vintage shop, as it could become a clothing brand in the future. .

The options are:

# SAGGA – comes from saga, stories, adventures. ps: this word have any bad connotation?

# TOKAIA – comes from tocaia, a Brazilian indigenous word that means something like “ambush”

# NAUTA – from navigator, sailor

# LUDDO – from ludus, which in Latin means games; playful

Grateful for the attention.

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