1. Liquidation warehouses fill up as retailers struggle with excess inventory
  2.  YouTube shares new insights into how to use Shorts to boost your channel performance 
  3. Pinterest launches real-time analytics in its mobile app 
  4. Pinterest debuts a new app, Shuffles, for collage-making and mood boards
  5. Investing in your people is the secret sauce to a successful company



  1. Instagram will halt full screen format test and scale back AI-recommended posts 
  2. TikTok will provide more insight into content trends and moderation via new research initiative 
  3. Pinterest shares new insights into key shopping trends and events leading into the holiday season 



  1. Case study on building a member rewards program with Shopify
  2. A look at the most in demand skills for social media managers 
  3. How to cut spending as a business owner during this time 
  4. I built over 1 million followers on TikTok in a year, here’s how you can too

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