Social Marketing in a Country: The British Experience

In Portugal, Social Marketing in a Country has gained tremendous popularity with a much different culture from Europe, America, and Asia over the past decade. In Portugal, the concept of Social Marketing was not as broad since businesses tended to promote products themselves. 

Today social marketing in a country is a key part of business life to attract and engage potential customers. Since 2021, the British Government has introduced a much broader national strategy on social marketing, which has generated a whole new framework for businesses to approach this exciting new market.

Carlos Oliveira, one of the world’s leading social marketers, provides a detailed analysis of Portugal’s marketing culture’s changes and relates them to the business climate. As well as offering a useful background into the mindset of the Portuguese people, his book offers an impressive array of case studies from all over the world, including the United Kingdom, Japan, and Canada.

Social Marketing in a Country: The British Experience, Carlos Oliveira Santos, translator (EDICE, 2021). Review: “This book is superbly written and contains a wealth of information that will be essential to those engaged in advertising activities or looking to increase their online presence. The author’s background in marketing, and subsequent experience in the context of the social media industry, makes him ideally qualified to write about these issues. His personal experience to illustrate points makes the text very memorable and thus well worth the time spent. In short, this is an excellent book for those who want to understand the changing landscape of marketing better.” 

In recent years, social marketing in a country has been receiving a great deal of attention. There have been numerous case studies and reviews on the topic and many discussions in the press about the impact that Social Marketing in a Country has had and continues to have in boosting business. The UK government has implemented a much wider national strategy on social marketing in a country, which has generated a brand new framework for business owners to consider. This book is the third of a series examining the impact that social marketing has had and continues to have on businesses both locally and nationally. It looks at the benefits of social media and how it can help businesses achieve their goals, what barriers exist in implementing its techniques, and finally examines the costs involved in implementing this strategy.

Social Marketing in a Country: The British Experience by Carlos Oliveira Santos de Lima is a detailed look at the social and digital aspects of marketing practice. The book is structured into three main sections: the UK market, the US market, and the rest of the world. The first section focuses on the marketing practices of the UK. The second section looks at the UK’s digital landscape and its implications on the strategy adopted by businesses. The third section considers the marketing practices of businesses in the US and what these same practices have achieved. The book rightly claims that the UK has not been able to fully seize the opportunities that have arisen due to the digital revolution but enjoyed some success despite this.

The book rightly concludes that by embracing the digital revolution’s social element, more companies will realize their full potential and create a massive change in how we view and use digital media. Therefore, it is likely that the future of marketing will be marked by a massive increase in the integration of social media with all other mediums of promotion. The social buzz will become the defining feature of all promotions and dramatically change how we view marketing. It will define the limits and scope of what is possible and make the world of marketing smaller, more targeted, and ultimately more profitable.