Spirit of the Law: And the Crime Against the Soul by Georgia Zaslove - book promotion sites


This suspenseful novel is set in Memphis, Tennessee in 1993, at the genesis of the World Wide Web and prior to the invention of the smart phone.

Sy Marcus, a successful, hard-nosed defense attorney uncovers a dark secret within his own family. He quickly finds himself in a struggle to save his marriage and his legal reputation when he crosses the aisle to serve as the special prosecutor against the renowned defense team representing his brother-in-law and his business partner, who is charged as his co-conspirator.

In his attempt to expose the truth he discovers how far a psychopath will go to meticulously plan the perfect murder. Because the prosecution’s case is based solely on circumstantial evidence, all indications point to a possible acquittal. However, this is a game Sy Marcus is determined to keep the psychopath from winning. He sets a new legal precedent with a groundbreaking caper to try to prove the perfect murder is never perfect.