Strategic Social Marketing: For Behaviour and Social Change

Strategic Social Marketing: For Behaviour and Social Change by Jeff French and Ross Gordon discusses this growing business concept’s core elements. The book starts with a history of the term and how it came to be. 

The fifth in the Social Marketing Solutions series, this third eBook in the critically acclaimed series, Strategic Social Marketing: For Behaviour and Social Change, covers topics relevant to a business’s social strategy. This book covers topics from personal and professional networking to marketing research, branding and design, and social marketing philosophy. Authors Jeff French and Ross Gordon continue their excellent work on this third book in the series, offering the reader cutting-edge concepts and strategies for improving business performance through social strategies. This text focuses on the need to apply strategies across multiple domains and industries. The text discusses topics such as:

The main topic of the book is to be Behaviour and Strategic Social Marketing Change. This refers to the promotion of social change within organizations. The book talks about branding and positioning and the use of PR, branding, and the importance of location. These are all important aspects of marketing, but some have argued that these were less significant in the early days. They argue that with the introduction of mass media, the ability to influence people became more powerful, and as such, the art of marketing became more important than ever. The Strategic Social Marketing book talks about some of the changes in social marketing in general, and these include social norms around guilt and trust, as well as power and influence.

The Strategic Social Marketing book’s main aim is to demonstrate that by using a mixture of business and non-business approaches, marketing can be highly effective. It also shows that marketing does not stop with brand building, and there are still other avenues to take advantage of the power of the internet. The methods suggested in this text are relevant to small and medium businesses and help them create a winning marketing profile. It also shows how easily marketing can fit in with your current business model and the different ways in which it can be adapted. This text is a must for any business person looking to get into the game, as it provides the foundation to build on.

These chapters all deal with marketing strategies for improving brand performance through more personalized interaction and greater control over key processes. The book examines some of the more challenging aspects of Internet marketing, reviewing the importance of brand reputation management, the need for effective customer attraction strategies, and the benefits of online reputation management. The editors also consider online marketing’s nature and identify potential pitfalls for companies that are not proactive in dealing with negative feedback and reviews. The editors also discuss the social web benefits for companies seeking to communicate with customers and how these social strategies can be used to strengthen marketing strategies.

Strategic Social Marketing by Karen Smith and Philip Cowper Powys is an excellent handbook that provides insight into the best marketing strategies for building brand awareness on the Internet and social media. It is very user-friendly and is chocked full of useful information regarding building brand recognition through various strategies. Smith and Powys have successfully shed new light on the subject by creating a very readable and engaging text that makes the reader question their own perception of the world of Internet marketing. If you are looking for a solid marketing strategy that engages your audience and engages your customers, then this book is the right one for you.