Sway: Implement the G.R.I.T. Marketing Method to Gain Influence and Drive Corporate Strategy by Christina Del Villar - self-published book marketing sites


This book is on sale on Amazon for $0.99 (regularly $9.99) 1/1/2022 – 1/31/2022!

Sway turns marketing professionals into powerhouses by showing them how to build a strategic framework that enables greater proficiency and leads to growing levels of influence. This framework is the G.R.I.T. Marketing Method created by Christina Del Villar.

By looking at marketing from the go-to-market strategy perspective, G.R.I.T. goes beyond the basics to illustrate how marketing professionals can successfully influence this strategy based on overall corporate goals. You will learn how to align the go-to-market strategy, customer journey, and marketing strategy. From there, you will learn how to build a Map of Influence that identifies all the ways you can make an impact. These strategies and tactics help marketing professionals deploy more effective, impactful programs and develop smarter campaigns that significantly increase profitability for their company.

With G.R.I.T. (and a dose of sparkle), Sway provides a platform to empower marketing professionals to have more influence, be more effective, add value, and show their impact. This platform helps them become indispensable, driving success at higher and higher levels. And who wouldn’t want that?