The 7 Key Elements of Brand Identity Design

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Brand identity is critical to achieving business success. Unfortunately, most businesses neglect it in favor of more tangible elements. Furthermore, some business owners are hesitant about investing money in improving their brand identity. 

Keep reading this article to learn more about the topic, including the elements which are critical to create social media graphics and brand identity designs.

The Importance of Brand Identity

What is brand identity? It is the face of a company or business. It represents the tools for building a company image and molding customer perceptions of what the business is all about. It encompasses various elements like:

  • Logo
  • Design
  • Typography

Brand identity is essential to any business because:

  • It differentiates the brand from its competitors, making the business more recognizable and standing out among others.
  • It’s a driver for consistent sales and successful product roll-outs.
  • Efficient brand identity builds trust and loyalty among consumers.

7 Ways to Create Strong Brand Identity Design

Below is an easy guide on how to create social media graphics for a powerful market presence:

Understand the Brand’s Purpose

Before establishing brand identity, it’s essential to determine the company’s reason for existing. Determine the target consumers, business values and mission, as well as the way it differs from others in the industry. Knowing this will help the business to develop a strategy for creating a solid logo, color palette, and message.

Conduct Market and Customer Research

Conducting thorough market and customer research is vital in making a brand identity that appeals to consumers emotionally. Survey and analyze your target consumers to make design decisions perfectly tailored to their opinions and perceptions. Determining the target audience’s personalities will aid brands in making their identities appealing.

Create a Memorable Wordmark or Logo

A logo or wordmark is the center of a brand identity design. A logo is a brand’s graphical symbol, while a wordmark is the company’s name which uses distinct typography. This is one of the essential pieces of brand identity since it is exposed the most during advertisements.

Some of the most world-famous giants use a wordmark without using graphical elements, for example, Disney, Coca-Cola and Google. Although these wordmarks don’t use graphical elements, their simplicity makes them instantly recognizable. 

A business that wants to use a wordmark logo should ensure that the font resembles the brand. It is also vital to have corporate fonts since overly decorative styles are not suitable to use in letters and proposals.

Choose an Attractive Color Palette

Color palettes play an integral role in logo design. Designers should know that specific colors convey various emotions. The colors used should correspond to the feeling the brand wants to share.

Below are some colors and emotions they convey that can help you in choosing your brand identity design:

  • Blue conveys calmness
  • Yellow is for happiness or a cheerful vibe
  • Red demonstrates passion and excitement
  • Green directly relates to nature or prosperity
  • Pink for luxury or gentleness 
  • Black is a classic color that can convey sophistication

Designers can also adjust the tint of colors to make them lighter or darker. 

Right Shape and Form

Shapes and forms of brand identity designs can strengthen a company’s effect on its target customers. For example, consumers react differently to squares and sharp corners than to round and soft edges.

Study some forms and shapes and their influence on brand identity:

  • Round, such as an oval or circle. This shape symbolizes feelings of love, unity, and community.
  • Straight edges such as triangles, rectangles, and squares. These shapes can convey feelings of strength, stability, and trustworthiness.
  • Straight lines such as horizontal and vertical lines. Horizontal lines can convey calmness, while vertical lines represent masculinity.

Catchy Taglines or Themes

Taglines are essential for consumers to identify a brand quickly. Some of the most popular brands use a theme line because people tend to remember them longer. Some examples include:

  • Coca-Cola: Open happiness
  • Nike: Just do it
  • Walmart: Save money. Live better.
  • KFC: It’s finger-linkin’ good

Social Media Branding

In our era of digitalization, more and more consumers are already utilizing social media. For startups and pros to become more successful, business owners must use social media networks to improve their brand’s voice. The right typography, visuals, and graphics can help attract a target audience.

The voice and personality of the brand should also be reflected in its social media posts. The audience always feels the brand’s culture and values through social media accounts. Post in a way that the target audience can interact with your brand.


Brand identity is essential to having a successful and recognizable company. However, to reap the benefits of brand identity, it is necessary to apply the elements key to creating it. 

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