The False Color Divide - The True History of Race Relations by Robert Aymar - affordable book publicity

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The Author awakens to the truth behind our racial divide. Our racially framed positions by Color have always from elementary school learning until now at age 65 seemed wrong and dishonest.

The Red, Black, White, or Yellow of our races have always been a theory with no facts of scientific or medical proof. Understand these races were created in medieval times and it is time to evolve from all the mistakes of mankind’s decisions from our past histories.

May we all evolve to see we are all one of a kind – as DNA proves – which makes each of us a masterpiece made by God. I can assure you we are all One Race with One God. America is my home, where I hope this truth can lead not only you but our leaders to lead us as to what we should be: One Race, One Nation under Our One God.

We once upon a time believed our pledge of allegiance was what kept our nation together and it did. Help mend our Indivisible Spirits to come back to our hearts and accept all our citizens as one native breed of Americans by birth and homeland.