The Inbound Video Marketing Playbook: Using Video to Attract, Convert, Close, and Delight

The Inbound Video Marketing Playbook: Using Video to Attract, Convert, and Close Leads is a comprehensive guide to generating video marketing leads. Andrew Muir and Jeff Pelletier have combined over 15 years of experience to create an all-encompassing guide to generating video marketing leads. The Inbound Video Marketing Playbook provides clear instructions, process improvement strategies, and proven case studies. 

They have taken the “secret” of generating video leads and laid it out in a simple, easy-to-read, and action-oriented manner. This is not just another “how-to” book on video production; this is an eBook that takes you through each step of the process – from creating your video to creating quality content and closing the sale. The authors lay out their model, including common mistakes as well as proven strategies to get results.

Video can be a compelling method to help attract and close leads, close more deals, and enrich your clients and customers. But for your video efforts to be successful, your videos have to highly context-specific and platform-specific, emphasizing each step of the buyer’s journey through the buying cycle. 

For example, if you are attempting to promote a carpet cleaning business, your marketing video should include a process by which the customer will learn about carpet cleaning and how it benefits their home. The video also needs to utilize creative elements such as music, graphics, and testimonials. The book rightly points out that many of these things are easier said than done. But the authors provide plenty of strategies and examples to ensure that you will be using creative tools to make your video effective.

The Inbound Video Marketing Playbook is a solid text full of case studies, tips, and strategies on the best methods to use video to enhance the sales process. It does not contain information on shooting your video, although this information would certainly be helpful. But the authors have done an excellent job of presenting the key elements of marketing with a video. They provide plenty of case studies for you to read and understand the effectiveness of video in enhancing the sales process. This is easily one of the best books on this topic that you’ll ever read, and it will serve as a precious tool in effectively marketing your online business.

The Inbound Video Marketing Playbook: Using Video to Attract Prospects, Convert and Close sales This is where most people see success with Inbound Video Marketing. This is because video allows you to show the person you are trying to contact and how the product or service you are selling will benefit them. Most people are more likely to remember something they see or hear from you rather than reading text. Video is also easier for them to consume than text. You can use this to your advantage and show people the benefits they will receive by contacting you. With Inbound Video Marketing, you do not need written words, as they cannot only be understood through visual aid but can also be transferred into audio or video format easily.

The Inbound Video Marketing Playbook: Using Video to Convert Prospects This is where many people will fail. This is because they will try to force videos into people’s minds when the real secret to generating traffic is to let people lead the way. You need to capture their attention, hold their attention and then lead them towards purchasing your product or service. When you use video, you allow people to become hypnotized by what you are saying, so you must know how to make it work. There are different ways you can go about this, and the best way is to ask for opinions from others who have tried and found success in this method.